Piedmontese cattle is a Slow Food Presidia. The areas where the indigenous Piemontese breed of cattle is raised, better known as Fassone Piemontese, are found throughout Piedmont, in particular the province of Cuneo, Asti and some areas of the province of Turin.

Once used for the production of milk, meat and for hard farm work, today the Piemontese Breed is bred mainly for the production of its high quality meat, excellent for the preparation of typical tasty dishes.

Research shows that Piedmontese Breed beef is particularly low in fat: 0,5 - 1% compared to 3% of other cattle breeds. Due to the small content of cholesterol
, it is identified as being a lot leaner than white meat or fish and is recognized internationally as one of the best meats for dietary and nutritional values.

The typical red color of the meat is due to the significant iron content and antioxidant compounds in large part related to Vitamin E, and the space available to the animal to move about, activity that promotes vascular development and the elimination of fat around the muscle fibers.
At Cascina Stella all Piedmontese Breed cattle are able to move about freely within the 30 hectares of property.


At Cascina Stella all Piemontese Breed cattle are bred following the strict rules of traditional breeding and the natural cycles of nature.

The healthy and natural feed given to the animals is the principle that guides each stage of the breeding and that imposes a Closed Loop agricultural system: both in the barn and out in the pasture. The calves, born from brood cows at Cascina Stella, are weaned after the first five months of life and go from being milk-fed to a diet based on hay and feed made of corn, alfalfa, soybean and bran.

In order to obtain quality meat, Cascina Stella uses only traditional foods that are grown, produced and processed on their own farm, with the exception of soy beans which are of controlled origin bought from selected suppliers

Cascina Stella does not use genetically modified seeds.