Cascina Stella: Familie und Anwesen seit 1934

Cascina Stella is located in Basso Monferrato, in Poggio, on a hill of Portacomaro Stazione, near Asti. The 1934 is the year in which the brothers Giuseppe and Pietro Abbracchio acquired, thanks to the proceeds of the grain sold, the current Cascina Stella, a farm of ancient and noble origins dating back to 1764.
Together with the historical family tradition linked to land cultivation and gastronomy, Mario Abbracchio, Giuseppe's son, structured and developed the passion for breeding inherited from his father.
Over the years, Mario Abbracchio has given impetus to the cultivation of the 30 hectares of land annexed to Cascina Stella in order to be able to produce the cereals and fodder necessary for the breeding of Piedmontese cattle.
After almost one hundred years of activity, Cascina Stella is still dedicated to producing corn, alfalfa and hay in order to be able to feed the animals properly, respecting the rhythms of nature and tradition.
The brothers Andrea and Marco Abbracchio, together with their father Mario and mother Carla, the owners of Cascina Stella, preserve the knowledge and values handed down from generation to generation, keeping alive and evolved a genuine and traditional world that still maintains a strong bond with nature and the territory.


Cascina Stella's meats, cold cuts and pasta are born from love and attention to the values of tradition: authentic flavours of the territory of Asti and Piedmont. Knowledge, wisdom and respect for nature, values handed down from generation to generation, are an important reference point for any activity or choice undertaken by Cascina Stella. From the natural feeding of the animals, to the methods of breeding, from the processing systems to the respect for ancient recipes, any Cascina Stella food product is born in the sign of genuineness and is also designed for children.

Our commitment and passion are dedicated to all the people
who look for nature, history and truth in a product.


The land and animals are our heritage. The star is our sign. Cascina Stella is our identity. Cascina Stella preserves and expresses the values and knowledge, handed down from generation to generation, of a family of people who have kept alive, and evolved over time, a world that is like the one of the past: genuine, linked to the traditions of the territory and nature.