The areas where the native Piedmontese breed of cattle is raised, better known as Fassone Piemontese, are found throughout Piedmont, in particular the province of Cuneo, Asti and some areas of the province of Turin.

Once used for the production of milk, meat and for hard farm work, today the Piedmontese breed is bred mainly for the production of its high quality meat, excellent for the preparation of tasty traditional dishes.

Research shows that Piedmontese breed beef is particularly low in fat: 0,5 – 1% compared to 3% of other cattle breeds. Due to its low cholesterol content, it is considered much leaner than many varieties of white meat or fish and is recognized internationally as one of the best meats for its dietary and nutritional values.

The typical red color of the meat is due to its substantial iron content and antioxidant compounds (mostly related to Vitamin E), and the space available to the animal to move about, movement that promotes vascular development and the elimination of fat around the muscle fibres.
At Cascina Stella all Piedmontese breed cattle are able to roam freely within the 30 acres of property.